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How-to Guides

These guides are intended to be used as recipes for solving common problems with Maestro. It is recommended that you go through the tutorials first if you are new to using Maestro.

Guide Summary
Controlling Step States Overview of how Maestro deal with return codes in step scripts and how to control them
Long Running Jobs Look at options for working with long running jobs that may need to be restarted multiple times to finish
Working with Large Parameter Sets Goes over concerns of large parameter studies and looks at using pgen as a potential solution
Running with Flux Contains recipes for getting started with flux and various options available when using the flux scheduler on it's own and within other schedulers

Additional Recipes and Utilities

The Maestro Sheetmusic repo is a place to find additional tools for your recipes. Contributions welcome if you create any generally useful tools in your workflow adventures with Maestro and want to share!